Its no big secret that we’re passionate about producing top quality Clear Spirits. This year we’ve released a Malt Spirit. This cannot be called “ Whisky “ by its definition but it’s as close to it as it can possibly be.
So, we’ve created a secret blend of Whisky & re-distilled it in our 25ltr Copper Alembic Still. By re-distilling the whisky not only have we taken out the colour from the ageing process, we’ve taken out any impurities & enhanced the natural flavour of the spirit. This is done by taking cuts during the process so that we only use the very best & the most flavoursome part of the spirit during the run. The finished result is a completely clear spirit which is smooth, full of flavour & aroma that we’ve bottled at 43% abv.

In addition to our new Malt Spirit we’ve now created a Peanut Butter Malt Spirit that boasts a whopping 50% abv. This bottling is surprisingly very easy to drink despite the abv. The aroma & flavour is perfectly balanced between whisky & peanut butter, it’s very smooth & moorish, you need to try this!