Celtic Malt Spirit


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Having several years in the Single Malt Industry prior to starting this business we are pleased to release our Malt Spirit. So, what is Malt Spirit? Essentially it’s white whisky, but we can’t call it that. Our Malt is a perfect blend of Scotch Whiskies that we have re-distilled & cut to produce a beautiful new malt spirit. It is crystal clear, like a Gin / Vodka but has all the aroma & flavour of a really good Whisky. How you drink it is up to you, neat, over ice or with a mixer!

The added distillation process enables us to make further cuts during the run ensuring that we capture the very best spirit coming from the still & remove anything that may jeopardise the quality of the final taste. We believe that running the spirit through a further distillation really does make a difference.

We bottle our Malt Spirit at 43% abv

This will certainly appeal to the whisky lover

Celtic Malt Spirit is free from Allergens & is suitable for vegetarians & vegans.

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20cl Bottle, 70cl Bottle