Celtic OriGin, Watermelon Edition


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We have used our core botanicals & fresh watermelon to create this wonderful expression of Celtic OriGin. As with all our Gins we haven’t added any sugars to soften / sweeten the alcohol. We believe Gin should be Gin without artificial colouring & flavouring. If you prefer your Gin to be on the sweet side of the spectrum then we suggest simply using a sweeter mixer.

We’ve tried a couple of other brands of Watermelon Gin that in our opinion doesn’t event resemble Watermelon. For the true flavour of Watermelon we believe that ours is way more superior.

The flavour of Watermelon can vary massively ( naturally ) so from time to time you could notice subtle differences between batches. This could include the intensity of the flavour & sweetness. Watermelon has a high ratio of water to flesh & is delicate in flavour. However to obtain the best tasting experience with a Watermelon Gin, serve it Ice Cold, literally fill the glass with ice & top with your chosen mixer.

Bottled at 37.5% abv, available in 20cl & 70cl bottles.

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20cl Bottle, 70cl Bottle