Chocolate, Coconut & Rum Liqueur


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Our second product within the new range of Pour Intentions Chocolate Liqueurs.
This bottling is Chocolate, Coconut & Dark Rum 22% abv. We have carefully created this product ensuring that it’s Dairy Free & Gluten Free. Not to be confused with our Cream Liqueurs. When we say Chocolate, we mean Chocolate, think Bounty Bar!
Currently we’re bottling in 50cl bottles but a 20cl will be available soon.

Our Chocolate Liqueurs are free from allergens & are suitable for Vegans.

Due to using 100% natural ingredients from time to time it can appear that our Chocolate Liqueur is separating. This is completely normal as the oils can react to temperature fluctuations. A shake is all that is required. We always recommend to shake well before pouring to achieve the ultimate tasting experience.

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50cl Bottle, 20cl Bottle