Chocolate & Whisky Liqueur


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Welcome to the beginning of a new chapter.

Our first product within the new range of Pour Intentions Chocolate Liqueurs.
This bottling is Chocolate & Whisky, 22% abv. We have carefully created this product ensuring that it’s Dairy Free & Gluten Free. Not to be confused with our Cream Liqueurs. When we say Chocolate, we mean Chocolate. We have blended in our own Celtic Malt Spirit to create the wonderful mouthfeel & aftertaste of Whisky. There’s no better combination than Whisky & Chocolate.
Currently we’re bottling in 50cl bottles but a 20cl will be available soon.

Our Chocolate Liqueurs are free from allergens & are suitable for Vegans.

Due to using 100% natural ingredients from time to time it can appear that our Chocolate Liqueur is separating. This is completely normal as the oils can react to temperature fluctuations. A shake is all that is required. We always recommend to shake well before pouring to achieve the ultimate tasting experience.

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50cl Bottle, 20cl Bottle