Peaty Nibs


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Another fine spirit aimed towards the heavily Peated Whisky lovers. Peaty Nibs is a beautiful blend of our Celtic Malt Spirit & a selection of Peated Whiskies re distilled to create a new Peated Spirit. After we’ve harvested the best of the spirit from the distillation process we then age the spirit on Cacao Nibs. Why? First of all this colours the new spirit to what we know as a “ whisky colour “ but most importantly for the flavour. There’s no better flavour combination of Whisky & Dark Chocolate. The brief ageing process gives the spirit a beautiful natural taste of chocolate but without any sugars or impurities. Now don’t get us wrong, by no means does the flavour resemble a bar of chocolate nor is it like sipping a sweet chocolatey liqueur.
Peaty Nibs really is a quality Spirit that satisfies the tastebuds of any whisky connoisseur. The flavour profile of this Malt Spirit is upfront Whisky, Peat Smoke with delicate hints of Dark Chocolate. It’s exceptionally smooth with a very long finish.

As a Whisky lover, Carl ( the distiller ) is very happy with it.

Bottled at 43% abv for the whisky lovers.

Peaty Nibs is free from allergens & is suitable for vegetarians & vegans. Please note that this flavoursome spirit is un-chilfiltered so some slight ( flocculation ) sediment may occur, it’s perfectly normal & a good indicator of flavour, just shake the bottle before pouring if this occurs.

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