5 x Distilled Toffee Vodka, 40% abv


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We have been successfully making our standard, lower strength Toffee Vodka for years, but now the market is so competitive we have to stay ahead in the game. So this year we have decided to release a distilled version of our Toffee Vodka. It’s actually our original toffee vodka but we’ve run it through our still. The end result is a 5 X Distilled, super smooth, crystal clear vodka with a beautiful notes of creamy, caramelised toffee. Think of it as “Vodka with a hint of”, it’s all about the quality! Bottled at 40%, this is one for the freezer. Enjoy our 5 x Distilled Toffee Vodka neat, ice cold or as a Vodka Tonic / Vodka Martini. Garnish with a slice of apple.

Our Distilled Toffee Vodka is free from Allergens & is suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans.

20cl bottles & 70cl bottles are now available

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20cl Bottle, 70cl Bottle